“5 Hacks To Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter”

Posted on December 28, 2015

December is here! The temperature is dropping outside but home heating bills…not so much.

1.Utilize natural sunlight.

During the daytime, it is helpful to keep shades and curtains around the house open instead of closed! Sunlight shining through can help keep temperatures in your home higher on even the coldest days. When keeping the blinds and curtains closed, little light can come through and will cause temperatures to plummet. Rays from the sun still radiate warmth in the winter

2.Cover windows with plastic wrap.

While keeping windows open to allow natural light in, sometimes cold air can seep in through the cracks of the window and cause an unpleasant draft. Using clear plastic wrap, windows can be covered completely to keep drafts from coming in while still allowing the natural light can enter! This is an inexpensive and simple way to keep your house warmer.

3.Close off spaces that are unused.

Keep the doors of spaces closed that are not used frequently. By doing this, the rest of the living areas in your home will be able to stay warmer, and heat will not be wasted. No need to worry, the heat from the rest of the home will prevent pipes from freezing.

4.Bake your way to a warmer home.

Before regular home heating systems, people used their stoves to both cook and heat their home. This winter, consider baking or cooking on the stove! While baking or cooking, turn the thermostat down. The heat from the stove will warm your home a little more, and you can even use this hack to get into the holiday spirit!

5.Fans? In the Winter?

While the heat is on in the winter, keep ceiling fans on low, while spinning in the opposite direction to circulate hot air! It can help the warm air that has risen circulate better around your home.


NBA Insurance wants you to stay warm and toasty this winter…while keeping thermostats (and bills) low!



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