5 Helpful Tips to Simplify Your Holiday Shopping This Season!

Posted on December 10, 2015

Is shopping for the holidays causing stress? Between shopping, wrapping gifts, and managing your budget, there is plenty of room for error.

We are here to help you complete your holiday shopping… and even save you some money!

$805 is the amount that the average person spends during the holiday season.

1. Create a budget and stick to it!

Before making a list of who to shop for, create a well-thought-out budget. Many people make the mistake of leaving out the extra expenses such as wrapping paper, postage, or shipping fees. It is crucial to have all expenses included so you can be within your budget and avoid going over.

2. Make a list of EVERYONE you have to buy for.

This list should include everyone from immediate family to the Yankee Swap gift you need to buy for work. Having a list while you shop can ensure that you will not buy for the same person twice, or skip someone! After you have planned your budget, you can assign a certain dollar amount to each person on the list.

3. Don’t wait until last minute!

The best time to start shopping is in the beginning of November. Instead of cramming everything into one weekend, pick a few people off your list each week to buy for. This will prevent last minute stress and even help you save money by not spending your entire budget in one shopping trip.

4. Wrap as you buy.

No one wants to be stuck last minute wrapping and sorting all of the gifts you have purchased. Take advantage of the fact that many retailers offer wrapping options both in-store and online. Sometimes they are even offered free of charge! Whether you buy all at once or spread it out, make time to wrap and label after your shopping trip. It will save you time and future stress!

5. Use cash or debit.

When shopping, many people use their credit cards instead of debit or cash. When using a credit card, people tend to overspend and end up in post-holiday debt. When planning your budget, plan for the amount of cash you have rather than the amount you plan to charge. It will save you money in the long run and prevent interest on credit card payments.

Most importantly, NBA Insurance wants to remind you to remember what this season is all about! Live, laugh and love, while shopping stress free for the holidays!


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