May: Motorcycle Awareness Month

Posted on May 23, 2018

“Look Twice- Save a Life. Motorcycles are everywhere!” I am sure you have seen this in sign in someone’s yard or a bumper sticker on someone’s car but how many people actually look twice? In 2015, 4,976 motorcycles riders and passengers died in crashes and over 88,000 were injured in nonfatal accidents.

Follow our simple tips for looking twice and saving a life!

Always signal, check mirrors, and blind spots. Although most drivers have an understanding of where other cars are around them. Motorcycles anticipate the drivers in front of them next move. To avoid accidents, always look 3 ways- rear view, side view and a head- before changing lanes. Be sure to always use your signals when switching lanes!

Large vehicles, watch out! If you are in a big truck or van, as you know your vision is already limited. Your blind spots are larger than most vehicles you typically drive, making it more difficult to see small cars or motorcycles. Be cautious of your blind spots when changing lanes and merging into traffic.

Don’t tailgate and be careful when passing. NEVER tailgate motorcycles. Motorcycles are different than cars, they have the ability to slow down by downshifting therefore you might not see a brake light. Give them space. If it’s necessary to pass a motorcycle; plan and strategize your move. Give yourself time to fully pass the motorcycle before entering back into the lane.

Respect Mother Nature. It’s extremely important for you to adjust your driving to mother nature, but it’s even more important to be cautious of motorcycles when driving on wet (rainy, snowy, or sleety) roads. Inclement weather is even more hazardous for bikers than drivers, bikers have to be extra careful when slowing down or making turns. Give them the space they need.

Driving at night and sharing the road with motorcycles. Help bikers stay safe after dark, by increasing your following distance and ensuring that your high beams are turned off.


As the warm weather approaches remember these simple tips for saving the lives of our fellow riders! Check out for more information and helpful tips!


Remember to always “Look twice- Save a Life”


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