Winter Driving Conditions: 5 Tips to Help You Drive in the Snow!

Posted on January 18, 2016

1. Accelerate and Decelerate SLOWLY!

When there is snow or slush on the road, it is easy for tires to slide when both accelerating and decelerating due to the lack of traction on the road. It is important to hit the gas and brakes slowly to avoid sliding or an accident!

2.Don’t Tailgate!

This is something to avoid no matter what the conditions are outside, but it is crucial when there is snow on the ground. If the vehicle in front of you stops short, there a chance you could slide right into them and end up in an accident! Consider staying five to ten feet away from the vehicle in front of you so if they begin to brake you have plenty of time to stop.

3.Make Sure You Can See!

When the snow is coming down, and if you are on the road, it is vital that you have working windshield wipers so that you are able to see what is in front of you during your time on the road. Not only should your windshield wipers be working but you should have plenty of windshield wiper fluid to clear away and snow or salt on your windshield.

4.Slow, Slow, Slow!

During unfavorable winter conditions, there is no need to speed! Speeding can cause tires to slide on ice or snow and lose their traction which can result in an accident. Take your time while driving and use the gas pedal sparingly!

5.Stay Off the Road If You Can!

If given the option, stay at home! It is the most effective way to avoid getting into an accident or damaging your car. When it is snowing, it is best to stay off the road altogether and let the plows do all the work!

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